Important benefits – an overview

PROTRIP is a combination of travel health, liability, accident, baggage and assistance insurance.  

Here you will find an overview of the benefits provided by PROTRIP.


Travel health insurance
Out-patient medical treatment
Supply with medicine, dressing material, medical accessories, remedies
In-patient medical treatment including operations
Analgesic dental treatment and simple repair of dentures
Accident-related dentures 80% up to € 2,500
Initial diagnosis of psychological ailments up to € 2,000
Medically prescribed transportation
Medically reasonable return to home country without cost limit
Non-contributory extension of insurance cover up to 90 days if the insured person is not medically transportable
Reimbursement of travel costs to relatives of the insured person up to € 500 if in-patient treatment is expected to be more than 14 days
Burial costs abroad up to 10,000 € or repatriation costs of mortal remains to the permanent residence of the insured up to € 25,000
Coverage of pre-existing conditions if the treatment could not be foreseen when planning the stay abroad
Coverage for intermediate stays in the home country
World-wide coverage including countries for which the Germany Foreign Ministry has issued a travel warning
Liability insurance
Private liability insurance with a lump sum of € 1,000,000
Damage to rented property up to € 100,000
Accident insurance
Death benefit on death by accident € 5,000
Disability benefit on 100% disability by accident € 105,000
Rescue and salvage costs € 3,000
Accident-related cosmetic surgery € 3,000
Assistance insurance
Help with loss of cash and cash equivalents
Help with loss of documents
Support in case of legal prosecution
Emergency home visit
Emergency visit abroad by a close relative of the insured person up to € 4,000 per case
Baggage insurance
Baggage insurance, insured sum € 2,500
Monthly premium for individuals up to 29 years excluding USA
€ 34.00
€ 39.00
€ 49.50
€ 15.50*
Monthly premium for individuals up to 69 years excluding USA
€ 74.00
€ 79.00
€ 89.50
€ 15.50*
Monthly premium for individuals up to 29 years including USA
€ 62.00
€ 67.00
€ 77.50
€ 15.50*
Monthly premium for individuals up to 69 years including USA
€ 144.00
€ 149.00
€ 159.50
€ 15.50*
*min. € 93.00
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